About Bergen Industries

Throughout its 100+ year history, Bergen has been a family owned and operated business. Dating back to 1907, the Founders opened a small machine shop in Bergen County, New Jersery, bringing with them years of machining experience. This shop did everything from sharpening scissors and skates to fabricating state-of-the-art machinery.

By 1923 one of the Founders had diversified into cinder and concrete block production. Using a hand-tamped rollover machine located at the same site, 300-8" or 200-12" block were produced daily.

The late 1930's brought growth to Bergen, as well as to the block manufacturing business. Consequently, by the end of the decade Bergen owned and operated two machine shops and the block manufacturing facilities had expanded to five plants - operating nine machines.

With the onset of World War II, the government's demands on U.S. industry resulted in shortages, some of which had damaging effects on the block industry. Those shortages forced Bergen to begin fabricating its own molds and machine parts. Other area block producers, finding themselves in the same predicament, soon began buying Bergen-made mold and machine parts. Shortly after the end of the war, Bergen found itself shipping mold parts nationwide.

In the early 1950's Bergen began manufacturing an industry standard - the "3-at-a-time" cam driven block machine. The block industry continued to grow and the need for a larger and more efficient machine soon became apparent. Bergen recognized this opportunity and in the early 60's introduced the industry's first "4-at-a-time" cam driven block machine. A decade later Bergen once again set new standards for the block industry with the introduction of the first "5-at-a-time" cam driven machine.

With the additional workload generated by machinery production, it soon became necessary to expand the machining branch of the business. In 1951 Bergen purchased a 100,000 square foot turn-of-the-century manufacturing facility in Hackettstown and built an 18,000 square foot warehouse in Nutley. Both existing shops were consolidated into the one Hackettstown facility. All sales, administrative and engineering functions remained in Nutley.

In 1991 nearly 8,000 square feet of office space adjacent to the production offices at the Hackettstown facilities was completely renovated. All business functions were transferred to the Hackettstown location.

In 2003 all operations were moved to a new facility in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania.

No longer directly involved in block production, Bergen is still applying more than 100 years of machining experience and nearly 70 years of block manufacturing experience to the design and manufacture of molds for the concrete block industry.